Kagoshima Rebnais

Prefecture Kagoshima
Stadium/Arena Nishihara Shokai Arena 

Kagoshima Rebnais are a team that belongs to the B3 of the B League (Japan Professional Basketball League).

Kagoshima started the B League's inaugural season, 2016-2017, as a B2 team, but management problems arose. The team was relegated to B3 without a B2 license for the next season because there was no prospect of eliminating the deficit.

Team Information

Team: Kagoshima Rebnais
Location: Kagoshima
Team Name Origin:
The team name was created by combining the Kagoshima dialect word "Bunise," which means a strong, unpretentious man, and the first letter of the former team name, Renova.
Year founded: 2008
Nishihara Shokai Arena
Titles: None
Retired numbers: None
Mascot: Rebnyan

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