Tegevajaro Miyazaki

Prefecture Miyazaki
Stadium/Arena Unilever Stadium Shintomi 

Tegevajaro Miyazaki competes in the J-League, J3 division.

The team joined the J-League for the 2021 season. With the birth of this team in Miyazaki Prefecture, all six prefectures in Kyushu now have a J-League club.

Team Information

Team: Tegevajaro Miyazaki
City: Miyazaki City, Miyazaki
Team Name Origin:
Two of Miyazaki's most famous products are beef and chicken. The team was named by combining the Spanish words "vaca," meaning "cow," and "Pajaro," meaning "bird," with the Miyazaki dialect word "tege," meaning "awesome."
Year of Joined the J League: 2021
Titles: None
J1: None
J2: None

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