Tokyo Verdy

Prefecture Tokyo
Stadium/Arena Ajinomoto Stadium 

Tokyo Verdy competes in the J-League, J2 division.

Tokyo Verdy is one of the original 10 teams that have participated in the J-League since its inaugural year in 1993, and the team's name at the start of the J-League was Verdy Kawasaki.

When the J-League started in 1993, Verdy was so brilliant that no one would have thought that 20 years later Verdy would be relegated to J2. They won the championship in their first year, and then won it two years in a row.

At that time, Verdy Kawasaki had superstars like Kazu Miura and Rui Ramos, who would remain in the history of Japanese soccer.

The team moved to Tokyo in 2001 and won the Emperor's Cup in 2004, but failed to make a mark in J1 in 2005 and were relegated to J2. They were promoted, but their last J1 season was in 2008, and they have not played on the J1 stage since 2009.

Team Information

Team: Tokyo Verdy
City: Chofu City, Tokyo
Team Name Origin:
The term was coined from verde, which means green in Portuguese.
Year of Joined the J League: 1991
Titles: J League(2),  J League Cup(3), Emperor's Cup(2)
The player signed with overseas clubs: Kazuyoshi Miura, Hulk
The player acquired from overseas clubs: Bismarck Barreto Fari (Brazil)


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