Jubilo Iwata

Prefecture Shizuoka
Stadium/Arena Yamaha Stadium 

Jubilo Iwata competes in the J-League, J2 division

Jubilo-Iwata joined the J-League in 1994, the second year of the J-League, and won the championship in 1997. In that year, Jubilo-Iwata had a famous player Dunga, who was a captain of Brazilian National Team, and he won MVP.

In the following year, 1998, Jubilo won the 1st stage championship, but lost to Kashima Antlers in the championship. However, they won the Nabisco Cup (J-League Cup) that year.

In 1999, Jubilo-Iwata won the J-League championship. In 2002, Jubilo-Iwata won the J-League title for the third time. However, in 2014, Jubilo Iwata was relegated to J2. Since then, Jubilo Iwata has been repeatedly promoted and relegated between J1 and J2.

Team Information

Team: Jubilo Iwata
City: Iwata City, Shizuoka
Team Name Origin:
In Spanish, the word "Jubilo" means joy. It was named with the hope of bringing joy and excitement to all fans.
Year of Joined the J League: 1994
Titles: J League(3),  J League Cup(2), Emperor's Cup(1)
The player signed with overseas clubs: Naohiro Takahara
The player acquired from overseas clubs: DUNGA(Brazil), Gerald Mervin VANENBURG(Netherlands), Salvatore SCHILLACI(Italy)

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