Kamatamare Sanuki

Prefecture Kagawa
Stadium/Arena Pikara Stadium 

Kamatamare Sanuki competes in the J-League, J3 division.

This team has competed in J2 for five years since 2014 but has been in J3 since being relegated in 2019. Their home stadium, Pikara Stadium, is the largest stadium in Shikoku with a capacity of 30,000.

Team Information

Team: Kamatamare Sanuki
City: Takamatsu City, Marugame City, Kagawa
Team Name Origin:
The name was coined by combining Kagawa's famous Kamatama udon noodles with the Italian word "mare," meaning "sea."
Year of Joined the J League: 2014
Titles: None
J1: None
J2: 2014-2018

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