"What to Do & See" in Kushiro and Lake Akan

One of the famous tourist attractions in Kushiro is "Kushiro Marsh." The sunset from the Nusamai-Bashi Bridge is also known as one of the three beautiful sunsets in the world. Enjoy your stay in Kushiro.

Kushiro Shitsugen (Marsh/Wetlands)

Kushiro Marsh is a very famous place in Kushiro. Kushiro Marsh is so vast with an area of about 28000 hectares. It's hard to decide where and how to see such a vast wetland, but Kushiro Marsh has an observation deck at each of several viewing points. If you go to the observatory, you can look down on the vast Kushiro Marsh and feel the size, and there is also a walking path, so you can enjoy taking a walk. However, you should be aware that you have to walk for about an hour to go to some observatories.

Norokko Train

The Norokko train connects Kushiro Station to Toro Station and runs through Kushiro Marsh. Unlike the view overlooking the wetland from the observation deck, the view from the train running through the wetland is also enjoyable and interesting. It stops at Higashi-Kushiro, Kushiro Marsh, and Hosooka stations on the way and ends at Toro. If you get off at Kushiro Shitsugen station, You can walk to the Hosooka observatory in about 15 minutes to enjoy the view of wetlands. If you want to enjoy sightseeing just by taking a train, it takes about 2 hours for a round trip.

Hosooka Observatory

Hosooka Observatory is the most popular among the observatories at the stations where the Norokko train stops. From "Kushiro Shitsugen Station," you can get to the observatory in about 15 minutes by walk, and it takes less than 10 minutes by car. There is also a visitor center so you don't have to worry about using the restroom.

Kushiro City Marsh Observatory & Satellite Viewpoint

The rooftop of this building is the observation deck. From the observation deck in this building, it is like looking at the opposite side of the wetland. If you walk for about 20 minutes from here, there is a "satellite observatory" where you can see a wide view of the marsh/wetland. Suppose you go inside the building at Kushiro City Marsh/Wetland Observatory. In that case, you have to pay the entrance fee, but if you go to Satellite Observatory, It's free, and you can visit anytime.

The spectacular view of the sunset from the Nusamai Bridge

The sunset from the Nusamai-Bashi Bridge is known as one of the three beautiful sunsets in the world. The sunset that sinks to the horizon is magical. When you go to Kushiro, we would like you to see the sunset with your own eyes and experience it.

Tawadaira observatory

Tawadaira observatory is a vast ranch that you can overlook the 360 ° horizon, and you can feel "The earth is round-shaped.":) If you go on a clear night in the new moon, you can see countless stars twinkling and shooting stars flowing through the Milky Way.

Lake Akan

You can get to Lake Akan from Kushiro Station in about 2 hours by car or bus. Lake Akan is famous for its Marimo (Moss/Algae ball), but in summer, you can cruise the lake on a pleasure boat, and in winter, you can ski on a snowmobile over an icy lake. Lake Akan is also known for its hot springs, and there are many hotels around Lake Akan where you can stay or take a day bath. And there is a place called "Ainu Kotan" where you can learn and experience the history of Ainu people, folk crafts and dance.

Lake Mashu

You can get to Lake Mashu from Kushiro in about an hour and a half by car. Lake Mashu is often covered with fog, but on a clear day, you can see a vivid blue lake called "Mashu Blue." It is the second most transparent lake in the world.


Higashi (East) Hokkaido Cranes Ice Arena

Obihiro no Mori Ice Arena

Obihiro no Mori Athletic Stadium

Taiho Sumo Memorial Museum

Kushiro City Baseball Stadium

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