Basic information on Professional sports teams in Aomori

When you think of Aomori Prefecture, you probably think of apples and the Nebuta Festival.
Aomori Prefecture is the largest producer of apples in Japan, and is also famous for the Nebuta Festival.
The capital of the prefecture is Aomori City.

Aomori Prefecture has the following sports teams.

Ice Hockey

Tohoku Free Blades


Aomori Wat's

Aomori Wat's is a member of the B2 of the B League (Japan Professional Basketball League).

Home town : Aomori City, Aomori Prefecture
Origin of the team name : The team was named after the Aomori dialect word for hot, wah-atsu, and the word for strong and speedy, wattsuri.
Year of establishment : 2012
Member of B1 League : None


Reinmeer Aomori FC

This team is based in Aomori City and aims to enter the J-League.
The team name means "clear sea, blue forest" in German.


Michinokubank Dream Stadium

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Kakuhiro Group Athletic Stadium

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Haruka Yume Stadium

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Maeda Arena

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YS Arena Hachinohe

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