List of media cooperation

I cooperated with the coverage of "America Drive 2015-16" how to walk the earth.


August 2007
Monthly Slugger August Issu
e "Fenway Park, get a treasure ticket!" We are cooperating with the coverage on the page.

2019-2020 How to Walk the Earth Washington, D.C. '19-'20 It wa
s posted by a Japanese ticket supplier that handles tickets that are difficult to obtain.
2016-2017 How to Walk the Earth Boston '16-'17 I w
as introduced to how to buy tickets for professional sports.
2014-2015 How to Walk the Earth Chicago '14-'15 We w
ere introduced to how to collect entertainment and professional sports information and how to buy tickets.
November 2009
Monthly HOP November 2009 issue It was taken
up in the editorial department's recommended information center.
How to Walk the Earth New York 2008-2009 Edition It
was published in "How to get tickets for the New York Yankees".
April 2008
Monthly Slugger April Issue

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Monthly Slugger April Issue "Ca
pture Yankee Stadium thoroughly!" We are cooperating with the coverage on the page.
January 1, 2008
Mainichi Shimbun January 1
It was introduced in "Life Navi Special" of the Mainichi Shimbun January 1 issue.
June 21, 2007

Monthly Magazine Gauguin No.3  We a
re cooperating with Fenway Park's special feature.
13 February 2007 This site was interviewed by Fuji TV Super News (2/13 broadcast). For more inform
ation, please read this blog.
January 2007
Tokyo Walker 3/22 issue] in the Major League Special Fe
ature Cheap Travels was introduced.
December 2006
It was introduced to the front line of the December issue of the monthly Dunk Shoot!
July 2006
Cheap Travels is introduced in the July issue of the monthly slugger "PICK-OFF".
March 2006
How to Walk the Earth Plus One Major League Spectator Guide I
t was published in "Ticket companies that can be asked in Japanese".
In 2006
We have provided stadium photos to Horapu Publishing "Sports Anything Encyclopedia Baseball".