Phoenix Country Club

Phoenix Country Club is a golf course located in the Seagaia Resort area (Miyazaki, Japan). It is the site of the Dunlop Phoenix Tournament, held every November, in which world-famous golfers participate. In the past, Tiger Woods has won the tournament consecutively (2004, 2005), and Masters champion Matsuyama won the tournament (2014).

Getting to the Stadium

The area is conveniently accessible by car.
Basically, there is a parking lot for each facility.
Sea Gaia Square 1 can be reached by parking at the Sheraton parking lot.

The Sea Gaia Resort is a huge site, and shuttle buses circulate throughout the area. Therefore, if Seagaia is crowded, you can use the free shuttle bus to get around.

From the airport, there is a cab plan that needs to be booked in advance, and it costs between 4150 yen and 5150 yen one way from the airport to the core facilities of Seagaia.
The distance from the airport to Sea Gaia is about 15 kilometers.
Seagaia official website

Another option is to take the train from the airport to Miyazaki Station, and then take the city bus from Miyazaki Station. There are not that many trains from the airport, and there are only about two buses every hour, so if you don't check the timetable carefully, it will take a long time. If you don't check the timetable carefully, it will take a long time to get there.

Miyazaki Kotsu (bus)

About the Stadium

Location: 3083, Hamayama, Shioji, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture 880-0122, Japan

Explore Miyazaki

Travel Tips & Information

Here is brief information about this city. We hope it will help you in planning your trip.

Professional Sports Teams in Miyazaki prefecture

1. "Getting There & Around" Miyazaki Area

Miyazaki has planes flying from Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Naha, etc. to Miyazaki Airport.
Miyazaki Airport is located in the suburbs of Miyazaki City, about 8 km from the city, so it is easily accessible to the city. There is a Miyazaki Airport Station at the airport, and you can take the train from the city to Nobeoka and Oita. Buses also go to various tourist areas, making it easy to use.

2. "Where to Stay" in Miyazaki Area

In Miyazaki City, Nishi Tachibana Street, about a kilometer away from Miyazaki Station, is the mooring for many people, and there are many stores and hotels along this street.
Business hotels tend to be located in this area.
Miyazaki Station is within walking distance, with Richmond and Newell City at the opposite exit from mooring.
If you are looking for a resort atmosphere, Sea Gaia is the place to be. The towering Sheraton at Sea Gaia has a foreign feel to it. The ANA Holiday Inn in the Aoshima area, which is famous for the Aoshima Shrine, is also located right in front of the Aoshima beach, giving you a resort atmosphere. The proximity to Aoshima Shrine is also an attraction.

3. "What to Do & See" in Miyazaki Area

Miyazaki Jingu Shrine, where the first Emperor Jinmu is enshrined, and Heiwadai Park, where the 37-meter high Peace Tower is located, are some of the tourist attractions near Miyazaki City. Although it is a bit far away, Aoshima Shrine can also be reached by train, which is about an hour from the city.
If you go as far as Nichinan City, you will find a fully restored moai statue.
Also nearby is the Uto Shrine, located in the middle of a cliff.

4. "Where & What to Eat" in Miyazaki Area

When it comes to Miyazaki's gourmet food, chicken is the best.
Chicken Nanban and Jidori Charcoal Grilled Chicken are always on my list of things to eat.
In Miyazaki, the downtown area is about a 10-minute walk from the train station, and the stores are clustered in that area. Ogura Honten, famous for its chicken nanban, is also located in this area. Miyazaki is also famous for its fruits such as mangoes and Hyuganatsu. Miyazaki is also famous for its fruits, such as mangoes and Hyuganatsu, which make great souvenirs.


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