Takasaki City Jonan Baseball Stadium

Takasaki City Jonan Baseball Stadium is located in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture.
The stadium hosts Eastern League games organized by the Saitama Seibu Lions and home games of the BC League's Gunma Diamond Pegasus.
Most stadiums in Gunma are located in parks, but this Jonan Baseball Stadium is located next to Route 17, a major road, and the stadium itself is located in a location where there are houses and other structures in the neighborhood.

Getting to the Stadium

The Takasaki Jonan Stadium is conveniently accessible by train.
First of all, even if you are coming from the center of the city, JR Takasaki station is basically the last stop on the Takasaki line or the Shinkansen. Unlike changing trains at this station, it's only one train ride (if the Takasaki Line stops at Kagohara, change trains at Kagohara), so I don't think you'll have much trouble getting there.
It's a 15-minute walk from the station to the stadium, so I think it's more convenient to walk.

In the case of access by car, there is a multi-story parking lot next to the stadium.

About the Stadium

Location: 2-12 Shimo wada-Machi, Takasaki-shi, Gunma 370-0846
Capacity: 12,000
Infield bench seats: 7,000
Outfield lawn seats: 5,000
Opened: 1936 (partially renovated in 2000)

Basic Information

What to bring

Compared to countries such as the U.S., events in Japan are relatively free in terms of what you can bring in, and there are very few venues where you cannot bring in a backpack.

As for drinks, please note that there are some events where you cannot bring in cans or bottles.

About re-entry

Most Japanese events will allow re-entry, but some events will not allow re-entry. Please make sure to check the event you will be attending.

Explore Gunma

Before your trip, we have compiled some basic information about Gunma for your reference.

Basic information on sports teams in Gunma Prefecture

1. "Getting there & Around" Takasaki, Fujioka

Takasaki Station is a stop on the Shinkansen bullet train and the last stop on the Takasaki Line and Shonan Shinjuku Line, so train access from Tokyo is not bad.
Takasaki Arena and Jonan Stadium are within walking distance from Takasaki Station.
Even in Gunma, it rarely snows in winter in the Takasaki area, so you can basically walk around the station to get there.
In Fujioka, the nearest station is on the Hachiko Line, which is less frequent, and you will need a car to get to your destination once you reach Fujioka Station, so a car is more convenient if you want to go to Fujioka.

2. "Where to Stay" in Takasaki, Fujioka

Takasaki Station is the largest station in Gunma Prefecture, with a department store in front of it, and it is crowded with shoppers on weekends.
There are several hotels around the station.
New Sunpia Takasaki, which is a little far from the station but also serves as a skating rink, is located near the Takasaki Interchange, making it a convenient location for access by car.
It has a large parking lot and is free of charge.

3. "What to Do & See" in Takasaki, Fujioka

Although it is a bit far from the center of Takasaki, one of the best and nationally famous tourist spots in Gunma Prefecture is the Tomioka Silk Mill.
The nearby Konjac Park is a smooth route for sightseeing.
In Takasaki, there is also Takasaki Kannon (Goddess of Mercy), but it is also a car ride from the station.

4. "What / Where to Eat" in Takasaki, Fujioka

Takasaki is famous for its Daruma dolls, so Daruma lunch boxes are one of its specialties.
Torihei, which has its main store in Maebashi, is also located in the station building and is also very stable.
If you go to Shinmachi, you will find the headquarters of Harada, the nationally famous rusks.
This place is located along Route 17, so the easiest way to get there is to get off at Kamisato SA and take Route 17 toward Takasaki.


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