ALSOK Gonma Ice Arena

ALSOK Gunma Ice Arena is an ice skating rink located in Gunma Prefecture and is located in the Gunma Sports Center.

This is the venue
here figia skating competitions are held.
In 2017, all Japan Juniors
were held, and in the men's tournament, Sato Keisuke and Keyyama Yuma participated, and women's players kihei Rika and Yamashita Shingo participated, and Kihei won the championship. Once every few years, a large tournament of the East Japan class is held.

Mao Asada's Thanks Tour will also be held at this venue in Gunma Prefecture.

371-0047 Sekine, Maebashi, Gunma
Capacity: 2,132

About the seat

If the permanent seat is a Figia Skate match, it is an arena on both sides of the judge's side and the front side of the judge.
I think t
hat the game of Figia will be a free seat, but I think that the seat feels easier to see in the back than the middle of the center because there is a clear board of protection in the front. In the case of Maebashi, when you enter the arena, there are stairs on the left and stairs on the right.
he stairs on the right will be on the judge's side.

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