ALSOK Gunma Ice Arena

ALSOK Gunma Ice Arena is an ice skating rink in Gunma Prefecture, located in the Gunma Sports Center.

It is a venue that also hosts figure skating competitions.
In 2017, the All Japan Juniors were held here, with Shun Sato and Yuma Kagiyama competing in the men's event, and Rika Kihira and Mariko Yamashita in the women's event, with Kihira winning. Every few years, a large scale tournament of the East Japan class is held.

Mao Asada's Tour will also be held at this venue in Gunma Prefecture.

Getting to the Stadium

The nearest station is Maebashi Station, but it is about 9 km away from the venue.
There are buses to the Gunma Sports Center, but the number of buses is limited, so if you want to take the bus, it is faster to take the bus to Gunma University or other buses that go to the Gunma Sports Center, and walk about 15 minutes from the nearest bus stop.

The venue is usually accessible by car.
There is a temporary parking lot on the grounds, where you can park quite a few cars.
There are also parking lots near each facility, but they are usually for the use of the facility or for the people involved, so if you are driving, use the temporary parking lot. The temporary parking lot is also on the premises.

Number of parking spaces: 1,830

About the Stadium

The permanent seating is on both sides of the arena, the judge's side and the front side of the judge for the Figurative Skating matches.
Figurine skating matches will be unreservedly seated, but the front of the arena will have a clear board for protection, so the seats will feel more comfortable to watch in the back than in the middle of the center. In Maebashi, when you enter the arena, there are two staircases, one on the left and one on the right.
The stairs on the right side will be on the judges' side.

Location: 800 Sekine-Machi, Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture 371-0047
Capacity: 2,132 seats
Opened : November 1996

Basic Information

What to bring

Compared to countries such as the U.S., events in Japan are relatively free in terms of what you can bring in, and there are very few venues where you cannot bring in a backpack.

As for drinks, please note that there are some events where you cannot bring in cans or bottles.

About re-entry

Most Japanese events will allow re-entry, but some events will not allow re-entry. Please make sure to check the event you will be attending.

Explore Gunma

Before your trip, we have compiled some basic information about Gunma for your reference.

Basic information on sports teams in Gunma Prefecture

1. "Getting there & Around" Maebashi, Kiryu, Shibukawa, Ikaho

Maebashi Station is the more convenient one, and if you only want to watch the game at the Maebashi venue, you can take the train and bus.
However, the Kiryu area is not as accessible by train from the Tokyo area.
If you only want to go to Ikaho Onsen, you can take the train to Shibukawa Station and take a bus, but if you want to go around the area, you will need a car to get to Maebashi, Kiryu, Shibukawa, and Ikaho.

2. "Where to Stay" in Maebashi, Kiryu, Shibukawa, Ikaho

Since Ikaho is a hot spring resort, there are many inns.
The rest of the area is basically business hotels.
The following is a selection of hotels in the Maebashi, Kiryu, Shibukawa, and Ikaho areas.

3. "What to Do & See" in Maebashi, Kiryu, Shibukawa, Ikaho

One of the most famous tourist spots in Japan is the hot spring resort of Ikaho Onsen. The area is also famous for its Mizusawa udon noodles, which you can enjoy on the way to the hot spring resort of Ikaho from Maebashi.

Here is a list of sightseeing spots in the Maebashi, Kiryu, Shibukawa, and Ikaho areas.

4. "What / Where to Eat" in Maebashi, Kiryu, Shibukawa, Ikaho

Mizusawa udon in the Ikaho Onsen area will be famous all over Japan.
In Maebashi, a restaurant called Torihira's torimeshi is well known in Gunma.
In the case of Torihira, the lunch boxes are delicious, and the set meals served at the restaurant are also very hearty.


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