"Getting there & Around" Kurashiki

If you are coming from the Tokyo metropolitan area, etc., you can basically take the Tokaido or Sanyo Shinkansen to Okayama Station, and then change to a conventional train to get to Kurashiki.
If you want to take a night bus, check out the buses that go to Kurashiki after Okayama Station.

Arriving at Kurashiki Station


From Okayama Station, take the Sanyo Main Line or the Hakubi Line to Kurashiki Station, which takes about 20 minutes (330 yen).


The bus stop for Kurashiki Station is located at the north exit, and is marked by a clock tower standing in Andersen Square in front of the station. The Bikan Historical Quarter, a tourist spot in Kurashiki, is at the south exit on the other side of the station.

Transportation in Kurashiki City

Tourist attractions and souvenir shops are all located in the Kurashiki Bikan Area, about a 10-minute walk from Kurashiki Station. Therefore, I think it's safe to walk to the main sightseeing spots. The train is convenient for watching sports games at the Kurashiki Muscat Stadium.

There are two lines in Kurashiki, the JR line and the Mizushima Rinkai Railway.
It is convenient to use the JR line to get to the Kurashiki Muscat Stadium and the Mizushima Rinkai Railway to get to the Kurashiki Municipal Baseball Stadium. The photo on the right shows the Mizushima Rinkai Railway stopping at Kurashiki-shi Station.


Kurashiki Municipal Stadium

Kurashiki Municipal Baseball Stadium is located in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture, and has hosted official professional baseball games such as the Tokyu Flyers vs. the Osaka Ti …

Senichi Hoshino Memorial Hall

There is a memorial hall in Kurashiki City for Senichi Hoshino. After pitching for the Chunichi Dragons, he led them to the Central League championship as a manager, then to the le …

Kurashiki Muscat Stadium

Kurashiki Sports Park Stadium is nicknamed Kurashiki Muscat Stadium, after the grape "Muscat of Alexandria," a specialty of Okayama Prefecture. The stadium has hosted official prof …

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