Basic information on professional sports teams in Kagoshima Prefecture

This is the basic information about the professional sports teams in Kagoshima Prefecture.
Kagoshima Prefecture is currently home to Kagoshima United FC of the J-League and the Kagoshima Revenays of the B-League. Both are based at venues in Kagoshima City.

Kagoshima United FC

Kagoshima United FC is a J3 team in the J-League.
You can see the powerful Sakurajima Island from the main stand of the home stadium.

Home town : Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture
Stadium : Shiranami Stadium
Year of J League membership : 2016
J2 League membership : 2019
J1 League membership : None
Origin of the team name : United means unity in English and the name of the region was added to the name to make it simple and easy to remember.

Kagoshima Rebnais

Kagoshima Rebnais are a B3 team in the B League (Japan Professional Basketball League). Kagoshima started the 2016-2017 season in B2, the inaugural season of the B-League, but due to financial problems, the team was relegated to B3 without a B2 license for the next season.

Home town : Kagoshima city, Kagoshima prefecture
Arena : Nishihara Shokai Arena
Year of establishment : 2008
Club mascot : Rebunyan
Tenure in B2 League : 2016
Origin of the team name : The team name was coined by combining the first letter of the former team name Renova (RE) and the Kagoshima dialect word "Bunise" which means a strong man who is not decorated.


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