Basic information on professional sports teams in Hyogo Prefecture

he sports teams in Hyogo Prefecture include the following


Team: Hanshin Tigers
Location: Osaka, Hyogo
Ballpark: Koshien Stadium
Year founded: 1935
Management: Hanshin Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Titles:Japan Series(1), Central League(5)
Retired numbers: 10 Fumio Fujimura, 11 Minoru Murayama, 23 Yoshio Yoshida


Team: Vissel Kobe
City: Kobe City, Hyogo
Team Name Origin:
The name "Vissel" was coined from the English words "victory" and "vessel". VICTORY means victory in English and VESSEL means ship. Kobe has developed as an international port city since the Meiji era. The name was chosen to represent Kobe as a city open to the world, with the hope that it will continue to challenge for victory.
Year of Joined the J League: 1997
Titles: Emperor's Cup(1)
Highest Ranking: 7th (2016)


Team Name : Kobelco Kobe Steelers (Division 1 of JAPAN RUGBY LEAGUE ONE)
Home Town : Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture
Year of foundation : 1928
Titles :
Japan Championship 10 times (1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1999, 2000, 2018)
Top League 2 times (2003, 2018)


Team: Nishinomiya Stokes
Location: Nishinomiya, Hyogo
Team Name Origin: The team was named after the stork, the prefectural bird of Hyogo Prefecture.
Year founded: 2011
Arena: Nishinomiya City Central Gymnasium
Titles: None

American Football

Asahi Soft Drinks Challengers (X League)
Elecom Kobe Phinees (X League)


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