Basic information on professional sports teams in Nara Prefecture

the sports teams in Nara Prefecture include the following


Team: Bambitious Nara
Location: Nara
Team Name Origin: The name was coined from the English word "Be ambitious" and the fawn "Bambi.
Year founded: 2013
Arena: Naradun Arena
Titles: None


Nara Club (JFL)


Nara Dreamers (V-League)


Nara Centennial Hall

Nara Centennial Hall is a multi-purpose hall located in front of JR Nara Station. It was opened in 1999, the 100th anniversary of Nara City. A boxing match was held at this venue i …

Rohto Stadium

Rohto Stadium is a baseball stadium located in the grounds of Konnoike Sports Park. There is also an athletic field and a gymnasium in this park, but the baseball stadium is locate …

Rohto Arena

Rohto Arena is a gymnasium in the Konnoike Sports Park in Nara City. This is the home arena of the B League's Bambishas Nara. The name of the arena was changed from Naraden Arena t …

Rohto Field

Roth Field is an athletic stadium located within the grounds of Konnoike Sports Park in Nara City, Nara Prefecture. The stadium is used as a home by the Nara Club soccer team. The …

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