Basic information on professional sports teams in Kagawa Prefecture

the sports teams in Kagawa Prefecture include the following


Team: Kamatamare Sanuki (J-League, J3 division)
City: Takamatsu City, Marugame City, Kagawa
Team Name Origin:
The name was coined by combining Kagawa's famous Kamatama udon noodles with the Italian word "mare," meaning "sea."
Year of Joined the J League: 2014
Titles: None
J1: None
J2: 2014-2018


Team: Kagawa Five Arrows (B-League)
Location: Takamatsu, Kagawa
Team Name Origin:
 The name of the team comes from the legend that Nasu Yoichi, a Samurai lord in the late Heian period, shot a fan target with an arrow in the battle of Yashima (Takamatsu City).
Year founded: 2005
Takamatsu City Gymnasium
Titles: None
Retired numbers: None
Mascot: Shinpanomikoto & Y-01


Kagawa Olive Guyners (Shikoku Island League plus)


Rexxam Stadium

Rexxam Stadium is a baseball stadium located in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. The stadium sometimes hosts home games of the Kagawa Olive Gainers of the Shikoku Island League. …

Takamatsu City Gymnasium

Takamatsu City General Gymnasium is located in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. It is the home arena of the Kagawa Five Arrows of the B League. Getting to the Stadium The venue i …

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