Matsuyama Velodrome

Matsuyama Velodrome is located in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, in the Matsuyama Central Park.

Getting to the Stadium

Matsuyama Central Park is about a 5-minute ride from Matsuyama Station to Ichitsubo Station on the Yosan Line.
The park is just a short walk from Ichitsubo Station, making it an easily accessible venue.

There is a parking lot in the park, but you may have to pay for parking during professional baseball games.
The number of parking spaces is also limited, so be sure to check the organizer's website.

About the Stadium

Location: 796-6, Ichitsubonishi-machi, Matsuyama, Ehime 790-0948, Japan

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Professional Sports Teams in Ehime prefecture

(1)"Getting There & Around" Matsuyama area

Matsuyama Airport is convenient because it has flights from most major cities. From Matsuyama Airport to Matsuyama City is about a 15-minute drive. Limousine buses are also available from the airport to the city, and the fare is 630 yen from the airport to JR Matsuyama Station and 840 yen to Dogo Onsen Station.

(2)"Where to Stay" in the Matsuyama area

If you are going to Matsuyama, it is a good idea to stay at Dogo Onsen. There are also business hotels around JR Matsuyama Station.

(3)"What to Do & See" in the Matsuyama area

Ehime is famous for Dogo Hot Spring. It is about a 5 km drive from Matsuyama City to Dogo Onsen and can be reached by train. You can also enjoy sightseeing by combining Matsuyama Castle and the hot springs.

(4)"Where & What to Eat" in the Matsuyama area

Tangerines are a specialty of Ehime, with their warm climate. In the Matsuyama area, Tai-meshi (Steam Rice with Sea Bream) is famous. There are other delicious casual foods as well.


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