Okinawa Cellular Stadium (Ohnoyama Baseball Stadium)

Okinawa Cellular Stadium Naha is located in Okubusan Park, which includes an athletic field, baseball field, and martial arts center.

Okinawa Cellular Stadium Naha is where the Yomiuri Giants hold their camp.

Getting to the Stadium

While most of the facilities in Okinawa Prefecture must be accessed by car, this Okinawa Cellular Stadium Naha will be a stadium that can be accessed by Naha Airport or the monorail (Yui Rail) from the center of the city.
The number of parking spaces is also small, so if you only want to access this stadium, you don't need a car.

The closest stations to Okinawa Cellular Stadium Naha are Okubusan Koen Station or Tsubogawa Station.

Okubusan Koen Station (about 6 minutes from Naha Airport Station)
Tsubogawa Station (about 8 minutes from Naha Airport Station)

About the Stadium

Location: 40-1 Okubusan-cho, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture
Capacity: Approximately 20,000 (15,000 seats in the stands)
Opened: April 4, 2010

Indoor practice field

There is an indoor practice field inside the park called Okinawa Cellular Park Naha.

Explore Naha City and Southern Okinawa

Learn about transportation, sightseeing, and food in Okinawa

Before your trip, we have compiled some basic information about Okinawa Prefecture for your reference.

About professional sports teams in Okinawa

1.Getting There & Around Naha

To get to Okinawa, you will need to fly from Haneda to Naha Airport, which takes approximately 2 hours 45 minutes to 3 hours, and from Kansai Airport to Naha Airport, which takes 2 hours 20 minutes to 2 hours 30 minutes.
Once you arrive at Naha Airport, you can take the monorail, a cab, or rent a car. Here is a guide on how to get to Naha and how to get around Naha City.

2."Where to Stay" in Naha

If you are thinking of watching the games or sightseeing around the Naha/Southern Okinawa area, there are many hotels concentrated in the Naha area near the airport, and they range from cheap backpackers to luxury hotels. The following is a list of hotels in the Naha and Southern Okinawa areas.

3."What to Do & See" in Naha

Shuri Castle and Saiba Utaki, both World Heritage sites, are located in the southern area of Naha.
Gyokusendo and Peace Memorial Park are also in the southern area.
The following is a list of tourist spots in the Naha and southern areas.

4."What / Where to Eat" in Naha

Okinawa soba, taco rice, bitter melon stir-fry, and steak are just a few of the specialties you can enjoy. If you are a drinker, Awamori will be one of the major attractions. Here is a list of Okinawa's gourmet foods and stores in the city.


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