Transcosmos Stadium Nagasaki

Transcosmos Stadium Nagasaki is the home of the J-League team "V-Varen Nagasaki."

Getting to the Stadium

From Isahaya Station (JR & Shimabara Railway)

The nearest station is Isahaya Station on the JR and Shimabara Railways. It takes about 30 minutes to walk from Isahaya Station to the stadium, but you can enjoy walking along the "V-Varen Road" decorated with team flags and guide signs.

You can also take a local bus to the stadium from bus stops No. 2 and No. 7 of Isahaya Bus Terminal at JR Isahaya Station. Extra buses will be available on match days.

By Car

If you are driving, parking is free in lots 10 to 30 minutes walk away from the stadium. The total number of free parking spaces will be about 500. Parking near the stadium is charged and must be reserved in advance. The fee ranges from 750 yen to 1,500 yen.

About the Stadium

This stadium is an athletic stadium-type venue. The entire seating area is made up of two levels with a roof. The second floor seats are slightly overhanging the first floor, so the back rows of the first floor seats are covered by the second floor deck.

Address: 27-1, Uzumachi, Isahaya, Nagasaki,
Capacity: 20,246
Home Team: V-Varen Nagasaki
Surface: Natural grass
Opened: 1969 


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