Asia League Ice Hockey

The Asia League Ice Hockey is a professional ice hockey league that started in the 2003-2004 season, in which professional ice hockey teams from Japan, Korea, and Russia compete to determine the champion.
In the first year of the league's existence, the Japan Ice Hockey League and the Asian League were held in parallel (4 teams from Japan and 1 from Korea).
However, from the following season, the number of participating teams became 8 (4 from Japan, 1 from Korea, 2 from China, and 1 from Russia), and the Japan League was suspended.
Since then, the league has been integrated into the Asian League.

Regular Season

Using the 2018-2019 season as an example, there will be 34 regular season games.
There will be one league, and the top five teams from the regular season will advance to the playoffs.
The team that wins by the third period gets three points.
If the score is tied in the third period, both teams will receive one point at that point, and the team that wins in overtime will receive an additional point. The winner of the regular season will be the team with the most points.


Using the 2018-2019 season as an example, the format seems to be that the teams that finish 4th and 5th in the regular season are treated like wild cards, and the winning team plays the 1st place team in the semi-final round.

Wild Card (Win 2 out of 3 games first)

February 16, 17, 19, 2019
Matchup between 4th and 5th place teams in the regular season

Semi-final round (first 3 out of 5 games)

February 23, 24, 28, and March 2, 2019
Second and third place teams from the regular season
1st place team from the regular season and the winner of the wild card

Final (first 3 out of 5 games)

March 9, 10, 14, 2019

Winners of the semi-final round teams play each other

Japan Rugby Top League
Teams Prefecture/City, Country Arena
Nikko Ice Bucks Tochigi Nikko Kirifuri Ice Arena
East Hokkaido Cranes Hokkaido Kushiro Ice Arena
Red Eagles Hokkaido Hokkaido Hakucho Oji Ice Arena
Tohoku Free Blades Aomori Flat Hachinohe
Yokohama Grits Kanagawa Shin-Yokohama Skate Center
Anyang Halla Anyang, Korea Anyang Ice Arena 
Sakhalin Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Russia Ice palace Cristal 


Anyang Halla 5 times
Nippon Paper Cranes (now East Hokkaido Cranes) 4 times
Tohoku Free Blades 3 times
Oji Paper (now Red Eagles Hokkaido) 2 times 
Kokudo (then SEIBU Prince Rabbits / disbanded in 2009) 2 times
Sakhalin 2 times

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