Basic information on professional sports teams in Okinawa

the sports teams in Okinawa Prefecture include the following


FC Ryukyu (J2)

Team: FC Ryukyu
City: Okinawa City, Okinawa
Team Name Origin:
It was named as a simple and familiar team name with the hometown name.
Year of Joined the J League: 2014
Titles: None
J1: None


Ryukyu Golden Kings (B1)

Team: Ryukyu Golden Kings
Location: Okinawa
Team Name Origin: 
Okinawa used to be a country called the Ryukyu Kingdom. The king is the head of the country. The name of the team expresses our wish to be like a king in the league.
Arena: Okinawa City Gymnasium
Year founded: 2007
Titles: None
Retired numbers: 50 Jeff Newton
Mascot: GORDY
NBA Players: Jack Cooley (Sacramento Kings)


Nanjo City Athletic Stadium

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Tomigusuku City Gymnasium

Tomigusuku City Gymnasium is located in Tomigusuku City. This gymnasium sometimes hosts games of the Ryukyu Golden Kings of the B League. Getting to the Stadium The location of the …

Itoman City Nishizaki Stadium

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