Heiwa Lease Stadium (Kagoshima Prefectural Kamoike Baseball Stadium)

Heiwa Lease Stadium is a baseball stadium located in Kamoike Park in Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture.
It is a stadium where official professional baseball games are often held, including Softbank's official games, and later, the official games of the Central League's Giants and Yakult.
In the past, this stadium was the site of the Lotte baseball camp until 2007.

Getting to the Stadium

It is less than four kilometers from Kagoshima Chuo Station, the last stop on the Kyushu Shinkansen Line, and it takes about 20 minutes to get from the station to the stadium by streetcar or bus.

There is a parking lot at the park, but it is not for events; for J-League games, the Kagoshima Prefectural Government parking lot is free on event days. There are about 500 parking spaces, and it is about a 10-minute walk to the stadium. For official professional baseball games, please check the organizer's website for shuttle bus service from the nearest Kagoshima Chuo Station or temporary parking.

About the Stadium

Location: 2-2-2, Yojiro, Kagoshima City, Kagoshima Prefecture (in Kamoike Park)
Capacity: 30,000 
Opened: 1970

This stadium has two tiers of seats behind the back net.
The orange seats in the first tier have backrests.
The orange seats in the second tier do not have backrests.
The seats in the outfield are bench seats.
This is an unroofed stadium.

This is the "second floor" of the stadium, which is labeled as the third floor on the guide map.
The backrests of the seats will be removed.

Explore Kagoshima

Travel Tips & Information

Here is brief information about this city. We hope it will help you in planning your trip.

Professional Sports Teams in Kagoshima prefecture

(1)"Getting There & Around" Kagoshima Area

In Kagoshima, planes fly from Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Naha, etc. to Kagoshima Airport (there is no Sapporo).
The airport is located in Kirishima City, which is quite far from Kagoshima City.
The airport is located in Kirishima City, which is quite far from Kagoshima City, so it takes less than an hour by limousine bus from the airport to Kagoshima City.
From Fukuoka, it takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes by Kyushu Shinkansen.
Buses or streetcars are convenient to get around the city.

(2)"Where to Stay" in Kagoshima Area

The downtown area of Kagoshima is Tenmonkan, where many restaurants and stores are located.
Therefore, there are many hotels in this area.
There are also hotels such as the Solaria and the JR Kyushu Hotel around Kagoshima Chuo Station, and even if you stay in this area, you can use the streetcar to get around. In the Amu Plaza Kagoshima station building, there is a Shirokuma (white bear) shop, Tenmonkan Mujaki, and Kagoshima Ramen shops such as Komurasaki and Zabon Ramen, where you can eat Kagoshima specialties.

(3)"What to Do & See" in Kagoshima Area

Sakurajima is one of the most popular tourist spots in Kagoshima Prefecture, which can be seen from the city or you can go to Sakurajima for sightseeing.
Kagoshima is famous for Takamori Saigo. In the city, there are places associated with him such as the Ishin Furusato Museum and the bronze statue of Takamori Saigo. Senganen, the former residence of the Shimazu clan of the Satsuma domain, is also a must-see.
If you are in the vicinity of the airport, the first place to go is Saigo Park, right in front of the airport. There is a huge statue of Takamori Saigo here.
Also, a 15-minute drive away is the Shio-soaking hot spring where Ryoma Sakamoto is said to have had his first honeymoon in Japan. You can take a day trip to this hot spring, so it is a good idea to take a dip in the same hot spring that Ryoma took a dip in. If you go to Kirishima Jingu, it is a bit far, but if you drive from the airport, Kirishima Jingu is not that far.

(4)"Where & What to Eat" in Kagoshima Area

Kagoshima is famous for its Kurobuta pork, Satsuma-age (fried fish cake), and Shirokuma (white bear).
The Tenmonkan Mujaki Honten in Kagoshima City is famous for its white bears.
Kurobuta should be eaten as shabu-shabu or tonkatsu.
The original Kurobuta shabu-shabu restaurant, Kurobuta Ryori Ajimori, is also located in the city and is only a few minutes walk from Astronomical Museum Mujaki. Both of these restaurants are easy to get to.
The famous Kagoshima ramen restaurants, "Pork Toro" and "Komurasaki" are also located in the Tenmonkan area. You can easily eat ramen by yourself.
If you are a drinker, there is a variety of shochu to enjoy.


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