Basic information on Professional Sports Teams in Gifu

The sports teams in Gifu Prefecture include the following


FC Gifu (J-League)

FC Gifu competes in the J-League, J3 division.

City: Gifu City, Gifu
Team Name Origin: It was named as a simple and familiar team name with the home town name.
Year of Joined the J League: 2008
Titles: None
J1: None
J2: 2008-2019


Gifu Swoops (B-League)

Gifu Swoops is a team in the B3 of the B League (Japan Professional Basketball League).

Team: Gifu Swoops
Location: Gifu
Team Name Origin: It is named for its ability to swoop down and pounce on its prey.
Year founded: 2003
Arena: OKB Gifu Seiryu Arena
Titles: None


OKB Gifu Seiryu Arena

One of the arenas where the Gifu Swoops play their home games will be the OKB Gifu Seiryu Arena. Getting to the Stadium From JR Gifu Station The distance from JR Gifu Station to th …

Deai Dome at Gifu Memorial Center

One of the arenas where the Gifu Swoops play their home games is the Deai Dome at the Gifu Memorial Center. This arena is located in the Gifu Memorial Center, and in addition to th …

Nagaragawa Baseball Stadium

Nagaragawa Baseball Stadium is a ballpark that hosts about one or two official professional baseball games almost every year. In 2019, it hosted Chunichi vs. DeNA (cancelled due to …

Gifu Green Stadium

Gifu Green Stadium is basically a stadium for field hockey. In the past, the stadium has also hosted the World Final Qualifying Tournament for Olympic field hockey. Getting to the …

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