Basic information on professional sports teams in Okayama

Okayama Prefecture is called the "Sunny Land of Okayama" because it has the fewest days with less than 1mm of precipitation.
Among the athletes from Okayama Prefecture are Senichi Hoshino, who was active in the world of professional baseball, and Yuko Arimori, who won medals in the marathon at the Barcelona and Atlanta Olympics.

Professional sports teams in Okayama

Professional sports teams in Okayama Prefecture include the following


Fagiano Okayama (J League)

Fagiano Okayama is now a member of the J-League and is based at City Light Stadium.
In 2016, the team finished in 6th place and made it to the J1 promotion playoffs for the first time in its history, but lost to Cerezo Osaka in the finals, falling one step short of promotion to J1.
In 2019, Fagiano Okayama's attendance will be 198,322, an average of 9,433 per game.

Home Stadium: City Light Stadium
# of Games: 38 games
Regular Season: Late February to mid-December


Tryhoop Okayama

Tryoop Okayama was founded in 2018 and is a team in the B3 League.
The team's name contains the basketball ring "I want to always try toward the hoop! The team's name is a reflection of the team's desire to "always try toward the hoop," the basketball ring.

Home Stadium: Zip Arena Okayama
# of Games: 40 games
Regular Season: Early January to early June


Okayama Seagulls

The Okayama Seagulls will be a member of the Division 1 (V1) team of the V-League.
Okayama is near the sea, and the team's name is "Seagulls," an English word for seagulls flying into the sky.
The 2019-2020 season was a close one, as the team jumped from seventh place the previous year to second place and made it to the Final 8.
In the finals, they came within one set of winning their first championship, but were upset by TJ Marvelous after a full set and finished as runners-up.

Home Stadium: Zip Arena Okayama
# of Games: 22 games
Regular Season: Mid-October to mid-February (generally held on Saturdays and Sundays)

Table Tennis

Okayama Rivets

Okayama Rivets is a table tennis team that belongs to the T-League.

The team is named after a specialty of Okayama Prefecture, "rivets," with the hope of becoming a bridge between table tennis and Okayama, just like the rivets that connect jeans and pockets.

Home Stadium: Okayama Budokan
# of Games: 15 games
Regular Season: Mid-November to late January

Annual Climate and Weather Average in Okayama

Okayama Prefecture has few rainy days even throughout the year, making it suitable for outdoor sports games and sightseeing.
It is important to know the climate when preparing for a trip, so keep the climate of Okayama Prefecture in mind.
According to the website of the Japan Meteorological Agency, the data from 1981 to 2010 is as follows.

Month Average temperature  The highest temperature The lowest temperature Humidity Total Snowfall
January 4.9 ℃ 9.0 ℃ 1.1 ℃ 65% 1cm
February 5.5 ℃ 9.8 ℃ 1.4 ℃ 64% 1cm
March 8.8 ℃ 13.3 ℃ 4.3 ℃ 62% 1cm
April 14.5 ℃ 19.6 ℃ 9.6 ℃ 60% 0cm
May 19.3 ℃ 24.4 ℃ 14.6 ℃ 64% /
June 23.3 ℃ 27.7 ℃ 19.4 ℃ 69% /
July 27.2 ℃ 31.4 ℃ 23.7 ℃ 73% /
August 28.3 ℃ 32.7 ℃ 24.7 ℃ 69% /
September 24.4 ℃ 28.4 ℃ 20.7 ℃ 70% /
October 18.1 ℃ 22.5 ℃ 14.0 ℃ 69% /
November 12.3 ℃ 16.8 ℃ 8.2 ℃ 69% 0cm
December 7.3 ℃ 11.6 ℃ 3.3 ℃ 67% 0cm

Okayama City is on the Seto Inland Sea side, so even in winter it is not so cold that you shiver stiffly, and the climate is mild.
Even so, there are many mountains in the central and northern parts of Okayama Prefecture, so please be aware that precipitation is likely to be higher than in Okayama City in the south.


Okayama Budokan

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Zip Arena Okayama

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Okayama International Skating Rink

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City Light Stadium

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