Sapporo (Hokkaido)

Sapporo is the largest city in Hokkaido, with a population of 1.96 million. It is the fourth largest city in Japan except for Tokyo. Sapporo hosted many international competitions, including the 1972 Winter Olympics, the 2002 Soccer World Cup, the 2006 Basketball World Cup, and the 2019 Rugby World Cup.

Baseball(Nippon Professional Baseball)

Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters 

The Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters are a Japanese professional baseball team based in Sapporo, Hokkaido. They compete in Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) as a member club of the Pacific League(PL). The team has won three Japan Series titles(1962, 2006 & 2016) and seven Pacific League titles. Current major leaguers Yu Darvish and Shohei Ohtani contributed to winning the Japan Series in 2006 and 2016. The team is scheduled to move from Sapporo Dome to the new stadium currently under construction.

Home Stadium: Sapporo Dome
# of Games: 143 games 
Regular Season: Late March to mid-October
Japan Series Titles (3) 1962, 2006, 2016
PL Pennants (7) 1962, 1981, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2012, 2016

Hokkaido Baseball League (Independent League)

The Hokkaido Baseball League is a new independent league that started in 2020. Ishikari Red Phoenix and Shibetsu Samurai Blades will join the league from 2021.

Rera Hankus FURANO BC
BIBAI Black Diamonds
ISHIKARI Red Phoenix (2021-)
SHIBETSU Samurai Blades (2021-)

Home Stadium: Furano Municipal Baseball Stadium, Ashibetsu Municipal Baseball Stadium, Bibai Municipal Baseball Stadium, Sunagawa Municipal Baseball Stadium
# of Games: 70 games
Regular Season: May to August

Soccer/ Futsal

Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo (J. League)

Hokkaido Consadole Sapporo competes in the J. League (Japan Professional Football League) J1 Division. As of 2020, they had never won a major title, and in the 2019 J. League Cup (Levain Cup), they made it to the finals but were defeated by Frontale Kawasaki.

Sapporo Dome is shared with the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters (Baseball), and the stadium has a single "Level" of seating. During a Hokkaido Consadole match, a movable natural lawn field moves into the dome from the outside. It takes about half a day to install a soccer field.

Home Stadium: Sapporo Dome
# of Games: 34 games
Regular Season: Late February to early December

Esporada Hokkaido(F-League Futsal)

Espolada Hokkaido is competing in the Japan Futsal League (F League). There are currently 20 teams in the league, 12 teams in the F1 division, and 8 teams in the F2 division.

Home Stadium: Hokkai Kita-eru (Hokkaido Sports Center), Sapporo City Mikaho Gymnasium, Asahikawa Daisetsu Arena, Otaru City Gymnasium, Tomakomai City Gymnasium, Hakodate Arena
# of Games: 33 games
Regular Season: June to January/February

Norddea Hokkaido (Women's Football)

Norddea Hokkaido are competing in the "Challenge League"(3rd div.) to join the Nadeshiko League. (1&2 div.)

Home Stadium: Sapporo Soccer Amusement Park
# of Games: 15 games
Regular Season: April to July and the ranking match will be held in September(Challenge), Late March to late October (Nadeshiko)


Levanga Hokkaido

The Levanga Hokkaido is a Japanese professional basketball team based in Hokkaido. The Levanga Hokkaido compete in the Japan Professional Basketball League(B LEAGUE/B1)as a member of the B1 Division in the league's Eastern Conference. The team plays its home games at the Hokkai Kita-eru (Hokkaido Sports Center). Levanga Hokkaido has never won a major title, but the average attendance per year is one of the most popular teams in the league. Levanga Hokkaido has announced that its president Takehiko Orimo (50), who retired at the end of last season, has retired his uniform number 9 for the first time in his club's history. The club decided to make him a symbol of the club for his achievements in launching Levanga Hokkaido himself in 2011 and leading and supporting the team.

Home Arena: Hokkai Kita-eru (Hokkaido Sports Center)
# of Games: 60 games 
Regular Season: Late September to mid-April 

Ice Hockey

Red Eagles Hokkaido

The Red Eagles Hokkaido are a Japanese professional corporate-sponsored team based in Hokkaido. The Red Eagles Hokkaido compete in the Asia League Ice Hockey.The team plays its home games at the Tomakomai Hakucho Arena in Tomakomai, Hokkaido. The Eagles have won 13 times in the Japan League and have won twice since the current Asian League. The Eagles have won the Japan League 13 times, have won twice since the current Asian League, and have won the All Japan Championship 37 times.
Home Arena: Tomakomai Hakucho Arena
# of Games: 34 games 
Regular Season: Early September to mid-March

Higashi Hokkaido Cranes

The Higashi Hokkaido Cranes are a Japanese professional corporate-sponsored team based in Hokkaido. The Higashi Hokkaido Cranes compete in the Asia League Ice Hockey.The team plays its home games at the Hokkaido Cranes Arena in the Kushiro, Hokkaido.

Home Arena: Higashi Hokkaido Cranes Arena
# of Games: 34 games
Regular Season: Early September to mid-March


Voreas Hokkaido

The Voreas Hokkaido are a Japanese professional Men's volleyball team based in Hokkaido. The Voreas Hokkaido compete in the V League division 2. The team plays its home games at the Asahikawa Realtor-Yume Ringo Gymnasium (Asahikawa Gymnasium) and Kita Gas Arena Sapporo.2019 -2020 season was a tough season for Voreas Hokkaido because It was decided to advance to the V. Challenge Match, which is a chance to be promoted to Division 1, but the V. Challenge Match was canceled due to the influence of the COVID-19, and as a result, Voreas Hokkaido spent the season in Division 2.

Home Arena: Asahikawa Realtor-Yume Ringo Gymnasium/ Kita Gas Arena Sapporo
# of Games: 27 games
Regular Season: Late October to late February (Mainly on the weekend)

Annual Climate and Weather Average in Sapporo

Hokkaido is a huge northern island in Japan. The climate varies depending on the season and region, but it is cold and snowy in winter and cool in summer. Therefore, you can enjoy many winter sports competitions in winter and major sports such as professional baseball and soccer from spring to autumn in Hokkaido.

In winter, Sapporo is very cold like New York or Chicago, so you need to prepare clothes for cold weather. When you drive a rental car in Sapporo in winter, you should be careful of road surface freeze rather than snow accumulation. Summer is very pleasant and the best season for travel, but it can be chilly in early June or late August evenings, so we recommend taking a jacket with you.

Month Average temperature The highest temperature The lowest temperature Humidity Total Snowfall
January 25 °F 33 °F 19 °F 70% 68 inch
February 26 °F 32 °F 20 °F 69% 58 inch
March 33 °F 39 °F 27 °F 66% 39 inch
April 44 °F 53 °F 38 °F 62% 4 inch
May 54 °F 63 °F 47 °F 66% /
June 62 °F 71 °F 55 °F 72% /
July 69 °F 77 °F 63 °F 76% /
August 72 °F 80 °F 66 °F 75% /
September 64 °F 72 °F 58 °F 71% /
October 53 °F 61 °F 46 °F 67% 0.8 inch
November 41 °F 47 °F 34 °F 67% 13 inch
December 34 °F 36 °F 25 °F 69% 52 inch

Explore Sapporo

Travel Tips & Information

Here is some basic information about Sapporo.

"Getting there & Around" Sapporo

Many tourists use airplanes to travel from Honshu (the main island of Japan) to Hokkaido. The nearest airport to Sapporo is New Chitose Airport. Here is how to get to Sapporo Station from New Chitose Airport. And we will show you how to get around in Sapporo using major public transportation.

"Where to Stay" in Sapporo

The most popular area for travelers to stay in Sapporo is around the Susukino area or Sapporo Station. Here are some of the best quality hotels in Sapporo.

"What to Do & See" in Sapporo

We have selected some "Must See" tour attractions for you in Sapporo city. Enjoy!

"What / Where to Eat" in Sapporo

Sapporo Ramen, Sushi, Seafood, Soup-Curry, Jingiskan (Genghis Khan) BBQ, Corn, Potato, Ice Cream, Soft Cream...You can't stop eating in Sapporo. As Japan's northernmost island, Hokkaido has its own culture and is famous for its fresh seafood, farm & dairy products. We will suggest some ideas about what to eat in Sapporo. 



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