Grand Opening of Kanseki Stadium Tochigi

Jul 7, 2020

Kanseki Stadium Tochigi, which will be used as the main stadium for the Ichigo Ikkai Tochigi National Athletic Meet in 2022, was completed in 2020, but due to the new coronavirus, the scheduled J-League matches and other events were not held at this venue, so a ceremony was held in July to commemorate its completion.

After the ceremony, on July 24, we were allowed to enter the stadium for a preview, so we were able to see the inside of the stadium.

The height of the first floor stands and the field

The stadium will be used for games such as FC Tochigi.
In soccer, when there is a track, the distance to the field becomes longer.
Kanseki Stadium Tochigi also has a track, but the stands and field level are about two meters high.
The stands behind the goals are quite far from the field, so it would be better to avoid the front rows, but you can still feel the players close at the side.

Party Seats

The party seats are located at the end of sections 111 to 114 on the first floor. These seats can seat up to six people, and are equipped with tables so that you can enjoy watching the game while eating and drinking with your friends.

Table seating

Located in sections 109-111 are the table seats.
These are seats with a table in front of the seat.
These seats are like an area for media people to sit during interviews.

Upper Seats

The upper seats are the ones with solid steps on each and every level.
Exiting the tunnel, the first five rows are the image of going down.
The upper seats are basically covered by a roof no matter where you look.

Even on the second floor, the back row has a certain amount of stairs to climb, so if you have bad legs, you may not want to do this.


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