Yakult Toda Baseball Field

Yakult Toda Baseball Field in Saitama Prefecture is where Yakult's second team games are held.
The stadium is located on the banks of the Arakawa River, adjacent to the Sairako and Domitsu Green Parks.

Getting to the Stadium

For access by train, the station is Kitatoda Station on the Saikyo Line, which is about 3.5 kilometers from the station, making it somewhat difficult to reach by foot.
If you want to take a bus, the station is not Kitatoda but Musashiurawa Station.
From Musashiurawa Station, take the Kokusai Kogyo Bus "Takeura 01" bound for Shimosasame.

Take the Kokusai Kogyo bus bound for Shimosasame.
The closest bus stop to the stadium is at the "Sairako/Domitsu Green Park Entrance".

This is the nearest bus stop to the stadium.

Walk from the bus stop to the ballpark.

The number of buses varies depending on weekdays, weekends, and the time of day, but there seems to be one every 10 minutes or so.

If you are driving, there is a parking lot at the adjacent Saiko and Domitsu Green Park.
There are three large parking lots in the park.
(When I walked around the stadium, there were three entrances to the parking lot, but there was another one on the sign, so I guess this one is a little further away.

The fee is 200 yen for the first two hours, and 100 yen per hour thereafter, so it works out to about 500 yen for five hours.

About Stadium

Yakult Toda Baseball Field is the home of the second team of the Yakult Swallows.
For the 2021 season, seats are reserved behind the back net, on the first and third base sides, and later, in the outfield.

Location: 4638-1 Bebijiki, Toda-shi, Saitama

Basic Information

What to bring

Compared to countries such as the U.S., events in Japan are relatively free in terms of what you can bring in, and there are very few venues where you cannot bring in a backpack.

As for drinks, please note that there are some events where you cannot bring in cans or bottles.

About re-entry

Most Japanese events will allow re-entry, but some events will not allow re-entry. Please make sure to check the event you will be attending.

Explore Saitama

Travel Tips & Information

Here is the basic information about Saitama as a reference for planning your trip.

1. "Getting there & Around" Saitama (Urawa, Omiya), Kawaguchi, Ageo

Kawaguchi City will be a neighboring city to Tokyo, and Saitama City will also have good access to Tokyo via the Keihin Tohoku Line and Saikyo Line.
As for this area, it is basically convenient to travel by train since the train service is good.
Ageo City is only accessible by the Takasaki Line, and each venue is far from the station. For venues in Ageo, a car is also an option.

2. "Where to Stay" in Saitama (Urawa, Omiya), Kawaguchi, Ageo

Omiya Station is one of the largest stations in Saitama Prefecture, and the Shinkansen also stops there.
There are several hotels in Omiya Station, including around the station.
Since there are no high-class hotels in Saitama Prefecture, it is an advantage to stay there if you are basically looking for a hotel with the premise of staying at a business hotel and it is cheaper than in Tokyo.

3. "What to Do & See" in Saitama (Urawa, Omiya), Kawaguchi, Ageo

The Railway Museum is one of the most famous tourist spots in this area.
Take the New Shuttle from Omiya Station, get off at Tetsudo Museum Station, and it's just a short walk away.

4. "What / Where to Eat" in Saitama (Urawa, Omiya), Kawaguchi, Ageo

There is no such thing as a national-level local gourmet, but there are several popular restaurants in each city.
Here, I would like to introduce some restaurants in Saitama (Urawa, Omiya), Kawaguchi, and Ageo.


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