Shitsugen no Kaze Arena Kushiro

Shitsugen no Kaze Arena Kushiro is an indoor arena in Kushiro City, where the B league's Levanga Hokkaido (Professional Basketball League) plays an official game sometime. The arena is located at Kushiro Sports Park, which includes an athletic stadium, a Kushiro City Baseball Stadium.

Address: 18 Hirosato, Kushiro, Hokkaido
Capacity: 3,016
Opened: 2008

Getting to the Stadium

It's about 5 kilometers away from Higashi-Kushiro Station and more than 6 kilometers from Kushiro Station, you can take a taxi, drive by yourself or take a local city bus.If you take a local city bus, get off at the "Shitsugen no Kaze Arena" bus stop. * When the Levanga Hokkaido match was held in 2019, shuttle buses ran from Kushiro Station for 380 yen (one way).

Explore Kushiro & Lake Akan

Travel Tips & Information

Information about professional sports teams in Hokkaido

1.Getting There & Around Kushiro / Lake Akan

The nearby airport in Kushiro city is "Kushiro Tancho Airport." We also provide information on access from Kushiro Tancho Airport to the city.

2."Where to Stay" in Kushiro / Lake Akan

If you stay in Kushiro City, the Nusamaibashi Bridge area is convenient with many choices of hotels and restaurants. 

3."What to Do & See" in Kushiro / Lake Akan

One of the famous tourist attractions in Kushiro is "Kushiro Marsh." The sunset from the Nusamai-Bashi Bridge is also known as one of the three beautiful sunsets in the world. Enjoy your stay in Kushiro.

4."What / Where to Eat" in Kushiro / Lake Akan

We'd like to suggest some restaurants that serve Kushiro specialties such as fresh seafood, spaghetti, ramen and fried chicken.


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